Our Faculty




Dept. of Mathematics


Mrs Jancy Mathew Mathematics Teacher   HOD Mathematics      
Mrs Jency Antony Mathematics Teacher   She teaches maths in the classes 1 to 10      
Mrs Lijimol Mathematics Teacher          
Mrs Juliet Francis Mathematics Teacher          
Mrs Priya KK Mathematics Teacher          
Mrs Sariga Juliet Berley Mathematics Teacher          

Dept. of Science


Mrs Sunitha V Pai Biology Teacher   She is the HOD of Biology Department .      
Mrs Rekha P V Physics Teacher          
Mrs Anitha David Chemistry Teacher          
Mr Jayaprasad Pai Physics Teacher          
Mrs Glassenteena Mary Chemistry Teacher          
Mrs Phyllis Mareena Biology Teacher          
Mrs Mary Vineetha Science Teacher Active She teaches EVS, Biology to primary,secondary classes respectively.      
Mrs Jyothi Vittalnath Suresh Biology Teacher   TGT in Biology      
Mrs Bindu Angela Thomas Chemistry Teacher          

Dept. of Computer Science


Mrs Beejal Nilesh Ved Computer Science Teacher   She is the HOD of Computer Science Department and teaches computer Science and Informatics Practices in classe XI & XII.      
Mrs Aileene Zeeta D'Cruz Computer Science Teacher   She handles Computer Science in classes 3 to 10.      

Dept. of Commerce


Mrs Vinitha Williams Commerce Teacher   She is the HOD of the Commerce Department and handles Business Studies and Accountancy in classes 11&12.      
Mrs Reshma Lalan Economics Teacher          

Dept. of English


Mrs Binitha Cherian English Teacher   HOD ( English Department)      
Mrs Reena Stanley English Teacher   She teaches English in lower classes and class IX .      
Mrs Rema J English Teacher   She teaches English in the lower classes      
Beena K ENGLISH Teacher   She handles the tiny tots of class I . Teaches Maths and English      
Shruthi N K ENGLISH Teacher   She teaches the class 1 students. Also teaches English      
Mrs Vijaya KJ English Teacher          
Mrs Reeny Joseph English Teacher   She handles English, General Knowledge and Moral Instruction in Primary section      

Dept. of Social Science


Mrs.Tresline Rozario Social Science Teacher          
Mrs Dhanya K U Social Science Teacher          
Mrs.Egna Britto Social Science Teacher          

Dept. of Malayalam


Mrs Jayasree P N Malayalam Teacher   She teaches malayalam in classes 1 to 10      
Mrs Sigy PD Malayalam Teacher   She teaches malayalam in classes 1 to 10      
Mrs Smitha Xavier Malayalam Teacher          

Dept. of Hindi


Mrs Sheeja P K Hindi Teacher   She handles Hindi in classes 8th, 9th and 10th.      
Mrs Thriveni Pradeep Hindi Teacher   She teaches hindi in classes 1 to 9      
Mrs Remya H Hindi Teacher   She teaches hindi in the primary and secondary classes      
Mrs Pooja Kabra Hindi Teacher          

Dept. of Physical Education


Mr Santhosh Kumar Physical Education Teacher Active He is the HOD of Physical Education Department      
Mrs Nadeera Nihal Physical Education Teacher   She handles the Physical Education classes and is the basket ball coach of the school      
Mr Jithosh K Physical Education Teacher          



Mrs Elizabeth Cyrila Music Teacher Teacher   She enlightens the environment with her music      
Mr Sujith Surendran Art Teacher          
Mrs Asha Dance Teacher          
Mr O C Xavier Dance Teacher          
Mrs Jayasree N Special Educator Teacher          
Mr Vishnu J Lab Assistant Other Staff          
Mrs Indu Ramesh Librarian Other Staff   Experienced Librarian      
Mrs Minu Thomas School Counselor Teacher          

Kinder Garten


Mrs Devanshi Sejpal KG Section Teacher   She is an experienced hand in the KG Section      
Mrs Meera Khona KG Section Teacher   She teaches the tiny tots      

Administrative Staff


Mrs Volga KD Accounts Other Staff          
Mr Sreejith AK Liaison Officer Other Staff          
Mrs Sreedevi S Accounts Other Staff          
Mr Shijas PK IT Co-Ordinator Other Staff          
Mrs Antonittie Reshma Gonsalvez Office Assistant Other Staff          
Mrs Shelna Sebastian Office Assistant Other Staff          
Mrs Regini George Office Suuperintendent Other Staff          

Support Staff


Mr Roy Mathews Driver Other Staff          
Mr Abdul Saleem Attender Other Staff          
Mr Amal Chand Attender Other Staff          
Mrs Philomina Antony Ayah Other Staff          
Mrs Beena Thomas Ayah Other Staff          
Mrs Mini Peter Ayah Other Staff          
Mrs Dinny Johny Ayah Other Staff          
Mrs Sheela Thankachan Ayah Other Staff          
Mrs Sophia Fernandez Ayah Other Staff          
Mrs Catherine Ayah Other Staff          
Mrs Annie Ayah Other Staff