Rules and regulations

General Rules
1. No ornaments are allowed.
2. Refrain from bringing unnecessary cash to the school.
3. Those who wish to visit the mosque on Fridays may be away from classes between 12.45 pm and 1.15pm and parent should accompany them both ways.
4. Use of mobile phones, cosmetics, CDs. I pod, Playthings, Jewellery, expensive watches by the student is not permitted inside the school campus.
5. Use of abusive language in school premises will be severely dealt with.
6. Any student caught for any type of misdemeanor may be suspended from attending classes for a stipulated period. The Management reserves the right to decide such matters. Malpractices, communal remarks or any form of ragging, gundaism will lead to expulsion of the culprit from the roll of the school.
7. Parents are requested to apply in the prescribed format for Transfer Certificate one month in advance.
8. The Principal has the right to suspend the attendance or require the withdrawal of any pupil whose conduct is injurious to the tone of the school or whose progress is not satisfactory.
9. Proper footwear preferably canvas shoes should be compulsorily worn when on the play field.
1. Leave will be granted only if applied for in writing by parents with reason.
2. Name of the pupil will be struck off from the rolls if he/she is absent without permission for more than 15 days consecutively.
3. Application for sick leave should be supported by a medical certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner.
4. 80% attendance is compulsory. If the required percentage of attendance is not there, the pupil will not be allowed to appear for the annual examination.
5. A fitness certificate is essential for a student after prolonged illness.
The School shall do its best to prevent any form of accident or mishap to students in the school premises. However in any case of emergency
1. Immediate First Aid will be provided from the school.
2. The student concerned shall be sent to a medical centre and parent or guardian concerned shall be informed.
3. In the event of any accident or mishap in the school or on the way to school or back home, the school does not accept any legal responsibility.
4. The school must be informed in writing if any special precautions are to be taken on medical grounds. In absence of such information on school records the school shall not be held responsible for any eventuality caused due to such problems.
5. Parents should not send their wards to school if they are suffering from a contagious or infectious disease.
1. Books will be issued only in the concerned library period. (two books only)
2. Books to be returned within two weeks after the date of issue.
3. If a book is lost by the borrower he/she will have to replace the book or pay a fine which is twice the cost of the book.
4. Strict silence has to be maintained.
5. Students are advised not to bring personal CDs to the School library.
6. CDs will not be lent.
1. No student should be in the campus without the prescribed uniform
2. No student should remain in the campus on working days after dispersal, otherwise asked for.
3. After school hours or on holidays students are not allowed in the school campus unless permitted by the school authorities.
4. Students called for any practice or special classes shall not stay beyond 5 pm unless permitted by the Principal.
5. School bags will be subjected to surprise checks to instill discipline in the school.
1. Student should wear properly washed, ironed, neat uniform.
2. Class rooms, toilets and school premises should be kept clean.
3. Refrain from writing on tables and walls.
4. Shoes worn should be polished and shining.
5. All note books should be covered and maintained neatly.
6. Refrain from littering papers and toffee wrappers.