Founded in 1976 as a public trust registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act of 1955,  Delta Schools Society established the prestigious Delta Study in a humble manner, in a rented building, to impart the wealth of knowledge to the budding generation of Cochin. Pushing back the years of infantile ailments, it waded through the history of Cochin, adding facilities like buildings and equipment, one by one, and came to fore. Its present abode is in modern buildings in a sprawling three-and-a-half acre plot of its own within the lush green scenic Fort Cochin, the Arabian Sea fondles ever . The Delta Study started scaling from the bottom rung and  was affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education in 1981 and the first batch of Secondary School students passed out in 1984.

It was up-graded to run the Senior Secondary School in Science and Commerce disciplines It is now a fully equipped co-educational Senior Secondary School with 1003 students and 52 teaching staff. Entering The Delta Study is a privilege and a joy. “Good wine needs no bush” says Shakespeare. The Delta Study has established a name and portrayed such an image among the people that they seek admission with the firm conviction that their children are in safe and efficient hands to ensure quality education for them. Admission to any level is stress free. Parents of kindergarten don’t fret and fume to groom their tiny tots for an interview. ‘A child needs to be a child’ – active, curious, forthright and parents need to be genuinely supportive of their children to ensure admission when age stipulation is fulfilled. The school is confident of shaping any child with academic interest, academic excellence into a confident self learning individual. The Delta Study is run on a non-profit hire with the sole aim of providing purposeful education to the community.

It is a full fledged Senior Secondary School affiliated to CBSE offering admission from KG to +2. The schools aims to foster in students interest in academic and non-academic areas. Due importance is given to training in life skills, environmental awareness, disaster management, computing etc. Children are exposed to the joy of pursuing their fields of interest in fine arts so that they can sharpen and fine tune their talents outside the school under experts and professionals. The school counselor interacts with children who need assistance. Parents are invited to attend talks on parenting and for discussions with the school counselor to identify and iron out problems affecting children . The Delta Study is an inclusive school. Children with learning disability are identified. Their parents are appraised of the conditions and directed to avail professional guidance. Dyslexic children are given special care to learn at their pace and assessment methods are adapted to suit their capability. The Society wished to ensure that its reins go into the adept hands and always insisted on the Members of Managing Committee being eminent citizens drawn from various strata of life in Cochin.


The school has a full fledged primary, secondary and senior school with following section:

  • Primary-Std.1 to Std.V
  • Middle School-Std.VI to Std.VII
  • Secondary-Std.VIII to Std X.
  • Senior School-Std.XI to Std.XII
Student Count 2023-24
Class B G R Count
KG1 0 7 0 7
KG2 0 21 0 21
KG3 0 29 0 29
I 0 20 19 39
II 0 33 0 33
III 0 21 21 42
IV 0 32 31 63
V 23 22 22 67
VI 0 29 31 60
VII 24 24 25 73
VIII 23 23 21 67
IX 25 27 26 78
X 27 26 26 79
XIC 34 34
XIS 28 28
XIIC 25 25
XIIS 44 44
Total 789